Before Your Visit







Before Your Visit

To arrange doggy daycare for your pup, just give us a call and our helpful staff will schedule your visit. All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and health tests. Proof of vaccinations needs to be provided before arriving and our office staff is happy to coordinate with your vet. Before your first daycare visit, a free half-day of daycare is provided in order for our daycare staff to perform an evaluation of your pet. This evaluation measures how your dog interacts with others, identifies behavioral challenges and likes/dislikes, and ultimately determines if our daycare services are a good match for your pet. You will be provided a copy of the written assessment. 

Daycare options include Half Day and Full Day play with two or four hours of group play. We provide premium dog food and lots of creature comforts but you're welcome to bring your pet's favorite food or toy from home.


Your Doggy Daycare visit starts at 11:00 am for a full day or 1:00 pm if you're visiting for a half day. You can breathe easy knowing that your pup is in loving hands.

Full Day: $24

Half Day: $17

Full Day with Boarding: $18

Half Day with Boarding: $12


Now the fun begins! Our professional trainers create small play groups based on temperament and size to make sure everyone plays well. Our staff supervises the group and promotes focused play so that each dog gets the most enjoyable experience possible. 


Group play is fun but we'll also give your pup time alone in one of our climate controlled kennels. This allows them to rest, cuts down on stress, and promotes an overall healthy mind and body for your dog. 


Puppy pick-up is between four and six. Your dog comes home from a healthy day of exercise and play ready to rest and relax. Unlike larger daycares, our small group sizes and individual kennels mean that you dog doesn't have to compete for water or attention so they won't experience exhaustion or insatiable thirst. Just another way we go above and beyond to make your pup part of the

Almost Home family. Pick-up is a great time to schedule your next visit. We also encourage you to share your experience with us by leaving a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

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