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Before Your Visit




Overnight Boarding



Cat in Basket

Before Your Visit

To arrange boarding for your kitty, just give us a call and our helpful office staff will reserve your visit. All cats must be up to date on vaccinations and health tests. Proof of vaccinations needs to be provided before arriving and our helpful office staff is happy to coordinate with your vet. For summer and holiday boarding, it’s best to book at least 3 weeks in advance. 

Overnight Boarding: $21

($19 for additional cats from the same family)

You can speed up your drop off by filling out some

paperwork at home:


Your pet's comfort is our primary goal so we encourage bringing any treats, bedding, or toys that you would make your cat feel at home. We happily provide our guests with Purina EN, a veterinary mild chicken and rice based food, at no additional cost. If your cat is sensitive to new foods, you are welcome to bring food from home. When you drop your pet off, they are given a baseline wellness check and weighed to ensure that they remain healthy. Then they are taken to their personal cat condo and settled in with any belongings brought from home.

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Cat Sleeping

Overnight Boarding

 Our clean, climate controlled, multi-level cat condos feature bedding, a litter box, and a cubby for privacy. Located on their own wing, far from our canine guests, your cat can watch the birds through the window in complete tranquillity. Each guest is given one-on-one playtime daily. This can take place inside of your pet's cat condo if they're a little less adventurous. Of course, if you cat prefers to simply enjoy some alone time, we understand that as well. With a live-in manager right across the hall and closed circuit security system, you can trust that your pet is in attentive hands.


Green Eyed Cat

Check-out is any time between 7am - 6pm Monday thru Friday,

8am - 12pm on Saturdays,

4pm - 6pm on Sundays. 


If you check your pet out by 12:00 pm you do not incur another charge for boarding that day. Since our office hours are from 4:00 - 6:00 pm on Sunday, there is a charge for Sunday boarding.


Each pet is given a final wellness check and then you’re reunited with your pet and their belongings. Pick-up is a great time to schedule your next visit.

We also encourage you to share your experience with us by leaving a review on Google and Facebook.

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