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Ulta-Mutt Day School

What is Ulta-Mutt Day School?

Ulta-Mutt Day school is a new option of doggie daycare. Ulta-Mutt Day school is a specialized alternative focusing on individualized care of the “whole dog” . Activities offered promote cognitive, social, sensory, and physical growth. Our approach allows us to ensure a smaller group which adds higher quality and more individualized attention and fostering a deeper bond with your pet. Rotating through our structured activities with their hand selected playmates provides variety for your dog.


Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered to participate?

Yes. All dogs must be spayed or neutered if more than 1 year old. This age does vary at times depending on your dog’s behavior. Some dogs may not be allowed in group play before they are 1 and not spayed or neutered. This decision to move your dog to our individual day school is made by management when needed.


Will my dog be safe in a group of other dogs?

Our evaluation process includes a lengthy and extensive written application. The application needs to be filled out and returned before your dog’s evaluation is scheduled. Once the application is returned and reviewed you will be contacted to set up an onsite evaluation with a specific handpicked group of dogs. A dog’s life experiences, breed-type tendencies and social history all contribute to the activities that each individual dog enjoys. This evaluation process allows us to hand pick your dog’s playmates while attending day school. Dogs are matched according to their temperament and their play style. Evaluations take at least 4 to 5 hours to complete. 

What if my dog does not pass the evaluation for group activities?

If your dog does not pass the evaluation for group activities, he or she can still attend day school. Do not let this discourage you! Not all dogs enjoy playing with other dogs and there is nothing wrong with your dog. Our structured, specialized care allows us to better cater to your dog’s individual needs. Your dog will individually rotate through all of the same structured activities that the play group rotates through.

What time should my dog arrive at day school?

Dogs participating in a full day at day school should arrive by 9am. We are open at 7am and you are welcome to bring your dog as soon as we open. Our first structured activity begins by 9:30am. If your dog is participating in a half day of day school, they should arrive by 1pm.

Should I feed my dog before coming to day school?

Yes, if your dog’s normal feeding time is before day school. It is best for your dog’s digestive health to feed your dog at a minimum 1 hour before any physical activity begins. Please let our staff know if it has been less than an hour since your dog has eaten when you arrive so that we can adjust your dog's activity level when beginning the day.

Will my dog enjoy this type of environment and activity?

We hope so! All dogs are different. Dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs will likely enjoy our day school as will dogs who prefer the company of people. The main reason for our extensive evaluation process is to get to know your dog's likes and dislikes in order to cater their structured day to their specific needs. We strive to discover what your dog enjoys and plan their day based on their favorite activities. With that being said we are 100% transparent with you about your dog and their experiences while with us. If we feel that a different environment or a different style of play is better suited for your dog, we promise to let you know and assist in any way that we can.

Do dogs ever get hurt at day school?

Some dogs like to play rough. Our small groups help to ensure that injuries are kept at a minimum. Our day school pack leaders are trained to recognize the signs of a raised level of excitement within their pack as well as stress signals of the dogs. Our pack leaders are trained in various techniques to stop problems before they arise. Some small injuries are possible during normal play and could possibly include scratches, nicks and loss of patches of fur. Our small and structured group allows for close supervision in order to keep all of our pets safe, happy and healthy.

Will my dog get rest periods?

Yes. Our scheduled activities include rest times. Dogs need a balance between physical and mental activity and rest for their emotional health. All three are equally important components of keeping your dog safe and healthy while socializing with other dogs. Dogs that get overly tired are less tolerant and grumpier (just like toddlers) which increases the potential for issues to arise. Scheduled rest periods also help your dog learn to settle down.

How can attending Ulta-mutt day school benefit my dog?

 At Ulta-mutt day school we strive to work on the “whole dog”. Our planned, structured activities add a variety of experiences to benefit your dog’s physical, emotional and mental health. Some examples of physical activities your dog will enjoy are small group play with other dogs, agility obstacles, high energy individualized activities and many more. Cognitive activities that add mental stimulation to your dog may include puzzles, food stuffed kongs, and some leadership training. These and various other activities that work on mental stimulation help build your dog’s confidence and self-control. Social activities include small low energy play, story times, music time and snuggle time. Sensory activities offered could include new changes to the environment, scent gardens and nature walks that work to encourage new discoveries for your dog. Your dog could also participate in monthly art projects. We believe that dogs deserve and need more than solely physical activity to be happy, healthy, well-rounded dogs.

Our highly trained staff hand selects playmates for your dog to ensure a high-quality experience for them. Building a deep, long-lasting bond with you and your dog is our main purpose. At Almost Home Boarding & Grooming we always put the dog’s needs, safety and comfort first!

Do I need an appointment for day school? 

Our groups are small but we offer several different groups daily. Appointments are always best however; you are welcome to call the day off and inquire if we have an open spot but our spots do fill up quickly.

What vaccines does my dog need to attend day school?

All dogs have to be up to date on rabies, distemper, bordetella and have a negative fecal test within the past year.

Can my puppy attend day school?

Yes! We love for puppies to come for day school. Puppies gain the most benefit from beginning their socialization at an early age. Research suggest that puppies should start socializing with other dogs before 1 year of age. We have specific “puppy” days for your puppy to begin making friends. To attend our puppy group your puppy should be at least 12 weeks of age and up to date on all vaccines needed by that time.

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