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Ulta-Mutt Day School!
The Ultimate in doggy day care!

Dogs Running

Almost Home Ulta-Mutt Day School believes that every dog is a unique individual!


 Our programs provide a safe and healthy environment to enrich your dog’s body, mind, and spirit. Our play areas are fully secured, always supervised, and outfitted with play equipment. A variety of fun daycare options means a perfect dog’s-day-out for every age, breed, and personality.

To arrange Day School for your pup, just give us a call and our helpful office staff will reserve your visit.



You can speed up the process by filling out 

paperwork at home:

The Ulta-Mutt Day School programs provide an enriching environment to make sure your pup is having a fun and educational experience every time they come to visit!

All of our programs focus on consistency and rewarding good behavior with treats, play and praise.

We focus on socializing dogs through safe, controlled exposure to other dogs, people, new surfaces, smells, and surroundings.

It's all about creating a positive experience for your dog!

FULL DAY Monday-Friday

(5+ Hours) $30.00

HALF DAY Monday-Friday

(5 Hours or Less) $22.00

Dogs Running

Ulta-Mutt Day School Packages
Only available for Full-Day Day School.
5 Day Package - $125 
10 Day Package - $250 

20 Day Package - $500 


To learn more about Day School packages, just give us a call and our helpful office staff will be glad to help.



Rest assured that your dog will spend a balanced day at Ulta-Mutt Day School!

Using their minds - food puzzles and toys to keep your dog's mind stimulated!

Nap time - we allow for proper rest between activities to allow for learning!

Using their nose - "sniff walks" around the yards and playing scent games to keep them engaged!


Exercise - whether running in our indoor or outdoor yards, staying fit is fun!

Making friends - your dog will have the opportunity to socialize and meet new friends in our small, supervised play groups!

Best of all, there is nothing better than the love and personal attention your dog will receive while at

Ulta-Mutt Day School!




To arrange Day School for your pup, just give us a call and our helpful office staff will reserve your visit.





Check-out is any time before 6pm. Each pet is given a final wellness check and then you’re reunited with your pet and their belongings. Pick-up is a great time to schedule your next visit. 

All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and health records. Proof of vaccinations needs to be provided before arriving and our helpful office staff is happy to coordinate with your veterinarian. Male puppies over one year old must be neutered.

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